England Call Mark Zuckerberg Associated with Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

PURWAKARTAPOST.CO.ID-The British Parliament calls upon Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee. This call was made after the disclosure of data leakage of social media users.

Facebook’s statement at the previous hearing meeting was deemed inappropriate

Collins and his fellow committees wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg containing requests to attend a hearing. The presence of Zuckerberg is considered important to clarify Facebook’s role in the scandal of user data leakage and spreading false news revealed by whistleblower Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie.

As The Guardian quotes, Collins writes: “The answers your high-ranking officials consistently underestimate those risks and mislead the committee.

Now it’s time to hear from a senior senior executive of Facebook who has enough authority to give an accurate testimony of the very bad process of failure. ”

Previously, the committee had met with representatives of Facebook. However, Wylie’s statement and the Channel 4 News investigation result prompted the committee to wonder about Facebook’s seriousness in responding to the issue.

“Given your commitment early in the year to ‘fixing’ Facebook, I hope the representatives that will be present are you,” Collins said.

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